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Hello there friends!

         I am Miss Messie (some folks know me as Jessie) and I am a professional photographer in the greater Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. I have been passionate about photography since I was a freshman in high school and shooting with film. I pursued fine arts in college and I turned my passion into a formal career over 3 years ago working with Josh Mariana Photography as a second shooter. I eventually began shooting my own weddings, events, and families and still currently handle my bookings through Josh. I love the ever changing atmosphere, excitement, and unique lifestyle, event photography bring. I also adore working with people.

          Every wedding is unique. Every family has its own language and expression. Every child is developing their own personality. Lifestyle and event photography feel like a glimpse into someone's ongoing story and my passion and objective as a photographer is to document a true and timeless view of that story. It is a privilege to play a small (yet important!) role in clients' lives, as I capture some of those most meaningful moments. Not just the formal or posed, but also those tender, behind-the-scenes, real moments as well. I strive to document the personality, emotion, beauty, and love (with love!) in every client I work with. I photograph with the intent of providing you with images that conjure all you felt at that moment in your life so that you can forever re-live your beautiful story. It is the heart of what I do with my camera. (I am a total sap!) What's your story?

How can I help you document your story? LET'S CHAT!

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